What Are The Most Important Topics of CA INTER LAW?

Corporate and Other law

Developing Corporates around us require people with knowledge of the working of the corporate world. This is required to solve various issues such as raising capital, obtaining a loan, purchase of goods and many others. Hence Corporate and Other law is an essential subject to help students develop these skill sets. The subject of Corporate and Other Laws can be divided into two parts, one that contains the Companies Law for 60 marks and the second part includes the Other Laws, which has the weightage of 40 marks.

Read the blog to get a brief understanding and clarity regarding any doubts you have before attending your CA Inter Law’s Paper of Corporate and Other Law.

CA Inter Paper 2 – Corporate and Other laws are divided into two parts.

Part I contains Companies Lawfor 60 marks and

Part II contains Other Laws for 40 marks.

Topics covered are

1) The Indian Contract Act, 1872

2) The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

3) The General Clauses Act, 1897

4) Interpretation of Statutes

As far as Companies Act is concerned, you should study the topics in the reverse manner

I) The most important topics are

A) Audit and Auditors

B) Accounts of Companies

C) Declaration and payment of dividend

These three topics cumulatively carry weightage of 35-40%

II) Then you should study

A) Acceptance of deposits

B) Registration of charge

C) Management and administration

D) Share capital and debentures

These four topics carry weightage of 25-35%

III) Lastly you should study the below three topics

A) Preliminary

B) Incorporation of company and matters incidental thereto

C) Prospectus and allotment of securities

These three topics cumulatively carry a weightage of 25-40%

For other Laws, questions are generally asked from agency, bailment and guarantee. In the Negotiable Instruments Act topics such as dishonour of cheque, holder in due course, endorsement, cognisance of offences are important for exam

For the General Clauses Act and Interpretation of statutes, the best exam study strategy would be to go through the past exam questions as questions are mostly repeated. Definitions from these two acts are to be memorised as questions are asked on definitions

One needs to practice Multiple Choice Questions after every chapter as these questions are very scoring. They will help you to create the aggregate marks required per subject

For detailed question bank, you can refer to the CA INTER LAW COMPILER BOMB by CA Preeti Aggarwal

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