Upskilling , Reskilling and Preparing for the future

upskilling and reskilling

“Your organisation is moved by the skills that you have. The evolution of individuals in a   company ultimately translates to the evolution of a company.” – Matthew Sigelman

As more and more machines are involved in the workforce and working side-by-side with human workers, skills in demand are also changing. Owing to this, individuals need to upskill and reskill  if they not only want to remain employable but also to achieve fulfilling and rewarding .

For Companies upskilling and reskilling strategies will be critical to find the talents needed and to contribute to socially responsible approaches to the future of work.  The terms upskilling and reskilling might appear synonymous but they imply a completely different meaning.

What is Upskilling and Reskilling ?

Upskilling meaning

Upskilling is a workplace trend that facilitates continuous learning. So,

  • Minimize skill gaps by participating in training programs and development opportunities.  
  • Be ready to expand abilities
  • Inculcate specialized skill sets
  • Use microlearning to strengthen capabilities

Reskilling meaning

This is the process of learning new skills.

  • Reskilling is important to enable one to keep pace in an increasingly dynamic environment.
  • Obsolete job seekers will need to learn skills to perform a different in-demand job.
  • Reskilling helps one stay competitive with other new talents. It provides an opportunity to people looking out to make a smooth transition between jobs. Chances of employability would be greater if one acquires different skills.

As a aspirants ca upskilling and reskilling are essential components to “Mission Success” . So one must be willing to step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills

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