Memory hacks for all CA aspirants

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Remembering everything and anything is quite impossible. Especially in a curriculum like CA, it is just next to impossible. The word ‘Impossible’ seems real and we find it difficult to convert that to ‘I am Possible’

Most of us aim to reach at the top of the success ladder. But in this fast moving and every changing environment remembering everything and keeping pace with the changes is a challenging task. Memory hacks are an  important add-on which will help us reach our goal.

Memory consists of Four R’s – Read, Recite, Retain and Retrieve. It is possible to store only when you read and recite. Saying things aloud will help you to retain things better, thus helping you to retrieve whenever you want. Hence the most important aspect is Reciting. We need to open up ourselves to understand and commit to what we do.

Here are some tips and tricks to excel in your career by using and practicing some hacks:

1. Writing as you read

Writing forces brain to retain the information and access it when you require. Some of us have to ability to even visualize the lines we write. This enhances our writing skill and also help you to answer the questions quickly in exam

2. Correlate with images

Visual learning helps the brain to retain things faster and for a longer period of time. We at Theorymasters Learning, use different visual aids to encourage effective learning. This helps the brain to retain information easily as the brain captures images faster and clearer than mere reading.

3. Block studying

Dividing your study syllabus into blocks (topic wise, time-based, page-wise) helps you study faster and keeps you energetic. The brain is fooled when you divide a huge syllabus and finish it as targeted, hence helping you utilize the time allocated

4. Break the Paragraph

Sometimes studying a huge provision, a large stanza is an uphill task for us. What can do is break the para into sensible lines which will help you to retain and revise easily

5. Use colors

Making your study environment colorful. Use of colours boosts the eyesight and brain to capture keywords. Use colored pens to even underline instead of the pencil, this will lead you to focus only the Keyline and will thus shorten your revision time.

6. Keep Cool 

Your Mental energy level is a major player in retaining information. Keeping the mind cool and calm helps in better learning

7. Use Mnemonics 

Create funny and easy to remember mnemonics to help you remember lengthy answers. It will help you to remember lengthy information effectively and for a longer period of time

I hope these tips help you in your exam!!

Happy Learning!! 

CA Preeti Aggarwal

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