How to get extraordinary marks using ordinary study techniques

Study Techniques

How to score good marks in exams or what are the best study techniques to get extra marks are always uppermost in our mind. Students aim to learn everything possible in the limited time that they have. Lack of proper planning and guidance will not help them to achieve top grades. With guidance and proper study techniques, an average student can score good marks in the exams.

“Do it once, Do it right. Everything you want is out there waiting for you, but you have to take action to achieve it.”

Below are the best study tips to help you get good marks in the exam using effective study techniques

  1. Studying in advance for the class (Pre-reading) will ensure a better understanding of the topic and clear doubts
  2. By paying full attention and concentration in the lectures, one can maximize one’s chances of maximum marks. Clear your concepts in the lecture itself. Don’t rely too much on self-study. Your time can then be utilized not only in revising the concepts but also in solving questions.
  3. Participation in class and asking intelligent questions will give you an edge over others
  4. Top-class students should help and teach their fellow strugglers to cope with their studies. Teaching others is a very good way of learning and mastering the concept
  5. Extraordinary students make their own notes for regular studies as well as for last-minute revision.
  6. Practicing and revising lectures will help the students remember better. Always write and practice.

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