How do I prepare for law at CA Foundation? Is it necessary to learn all the sections? How do I write Case law?

How do I prepare for LAW in CA foundation?

The CA Foundation Business Law syllabus comprises of the following Acts
The Indian Contract Act, 1872
• The Indian Partnership Act, 1932
• The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
• The Companies Act, 2013
• The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
The Indian Contract Act, 1872 and The Partnership Act, 1932 are the most important acts of the syllabus. Only the basic concepts of Companies Act, 2013 are introduced in Business Law for CA Foundation. A detailed study of the Companies Act is then covered at the CA Intermediate level.

Strategy to score excellent marks in Business Law:

• Refer Notes which cover the entire syllabus in legal yet simple and easy language. For best Law notes click here
• Go through all past exam questions to get an idea of the types of questions asked from each Act.
• Solve Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers. Click to download
• Time yourself. Write and practice at least 3 exam papers. For the Test series click here

Learning Tips

Since Law is a theory subject, you will have to memorize everything in the best way. Here are a few tips to help you remember the concepts thoroughly.
Focus on the head points of various answers wherever available. Write and practice those head points to remember them.

Highlight the key words in every answer. Write and Memorise those key words. If you know the key words, you can easily frame the sentence in your own words in the exam.
As far as possible, try to use legal and technical language and highlight the main keywords in your answer.

Make a list of Section numbers and read it every day till your exams. Though writing sections are not mandatory, writing them will surely give you an upper hand. But remember, do not quote section number if you are not confident.

No section number is better than the wrong section number.

Is it necessary to learn all the sections?

It is not compulsory to quote section numbers but you should remember all the important ones and state the relevant section numbers. Quoting section numbers in the exam will definitely give you an edge over other students.

For list of important Section numbers – Visit

Same with case law. If you do not recall the correct one please DO NOT BLUFF.

How do I write a case law?

The law question paper contains more of case-based questions as compared to theory questions

Your answer should be concise and to the point. Avoid writing long paragraphs. REMEMBER that you are not writing an essay but your CA exam papers. Don’t make the examiner search for your search in long paragraphs as they have to check over a hundred papers in a day. Be precise and short of ensuring that you are not wasting precious time.

Structure your answer in this format:
• Provisions
• Facts of the case
• Analysis / Solution

• Conclusion

Each point contains keywords that are at the crux of the answer. Make sure you underline them. Make it easy for the examiner to scrutinise your answers and it will reflect in your results. This may be the difference between scoring a full mark or half a mark.

Length of The answer

ICAI does not prescribe any answer length based on the marks. However, as per my understanding and experience, the following can be considered an ideal length

For a 3 mark question- 1/2 page
For a 4 mark question- 3/4th page to 1 page
For a 5 mark question- 1 page to 1 1/2 page
For a 6 mark question- 1/2 page to 2 pages
For a 7 mark question- 2 pages to 2 1/2 pages

Miscellaneous Tips: 

• When you receive your question paper, it is better to start reading it from the last question to the first question, as traditionally the last section has easier and shorter questions than the first question.
• If you attempt the questions that you are 100% sure about first it leaves you with more time on the clock to attempt questions that you find are more difficult.
• VERY IMPORTANT- Attempt Law first and then BCR. BCR involves a lot of reading and thinking. So if attempted first, it will consume a lot of your time leaving very limited time to answer all the Law questions.

Hope this helps!


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