How do I follow my study time table ?

study time table

As a student, making a study time table will give you an effective time management strategy and allow you to succeed and achieve your goals.

Steps to Follow Study Time Table

1) Decide on the time available and subject that need to be covered in that limited time

2) Study two subjects in a day: One subject the topics you have already studied and the other subject the topics which you are yet to study

3) Allot some time for revising whatever you have studied on the previous day before you start studying the topics of the day.

4) Allow yourself limited break time and Follow it.

5) Study new topics before going to bed. You will remember them better

6) Sleep and get up at fixed time

7) Before you start studying tell yourself “I will complete whatever I have planned for the day” and at the end of the day tell yourself “ I am proud of my efforts” even if you may have completed only half of what you had planned

8) NEVER ask what and how your friend is studying. That may want you to amend your time-table and instead follow what your friend is studying. This will only add to your anxiety and you may not finish anything substantial and the end of the study period

These are some tips to that can help you achieve your best timetable .

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